With multiple factors to consider when purchasing an aircraft, the most critical stage in the process is selecting the right team to help you throughout the process. Jet Up Aviation strives to make the entire process of acquiring your dream aircraft easy, effective, and efficient.

Acquisition Services

Purchasing a private jet is a complex process that requires an in depth understanding of what the jet will be used for, attention to details, and the ability to find a jet for sale that also meets all of the purchaser’s criteria. This is why prospective aircraft owners turn to Jet Up Aviation. We leverage our extensive network and our team will guide you through the entire process to not only help you purchase a jet that meets your specific travel demands, but we also protect you during the purchasing process. When making such a significant investment, you need experts with your best interest in mind at your side.

Business Jet Ownership - Your Needs Identified

The process starts with the staff at Jet Up conducting a comprehensive interview to gain a complete understanding of what your objectives are in private jet ownership.

  • What is your typical mission profile?
  • What destinations do you plan to travel to frequently?
  • Other trips/destinations that you would like to accomplish?
  • How many passengers you’ll fly with and how much luggage on a typical mission?
  • How frequently would you use your aircraft?


By taking the time to understand your demands from an aircraft, we can identify private jets for sale that will meet those needs. For example, once we know that a client’s most important use for the jet is to attend regular business meetings at a specific location, we can begin to identify jets that have the right seating capacity, that won’t need to make a fuel stop, and that have the desired amenities.

Jet Up Guides and Protects Your Interests throughout the Purchasing Process

Our team will guide and assist you through every step of the purchasing process. From the initial consultation to connections with our extensive network of brokers and pre- purchase inspection facilities, we’re there to provide our expert advice. Jet Up will:

  • Perform an aircraft and owner matching assessment.
  • Identify an aircraft seller best suited for acquisition.
  • Perform an initial aircraft records review to identify damage history, compliance with airworthiness directives and service bulletins, repairs, alterations, component replacement, and inspections.
  • Assist in the selection of a pre-purchase inspection facility.
  • Provide aircraft specific guidance and recommendations to the maintenance facility’s standard pre-purchase inspection.
  • Supervise and assist with the pre-purchase inspection.
  • Evaluate pre-purchase inspection findings for accuracy and thoroughness.
  • Upon completion of the pre-purchase inspection, provide a forecast of maintenance required/due items for the next 24-month period.

Trip Information

Customer Information